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The Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children
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Who are these children? Why are they out of school?

UNESCO - Out of school children
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58 million children are out of school worldwide. Who are these children? Where do they live? And what keeps them out of school? Explore the latest data with this interactive tool that presents the latest statistics from countries participating in the initiative. Explore the different barriers preventing children from enrolling and/or completing basic education. Discover how factors such as poverty, gender and location can affect a child’s chances of going to school.

The Out-of-School Children Initiative uses different data sets to detail the number of children who are enrolled in school and will most likely complete a course of education. It identifies the number of children who start school but drop out and those that will probably never enter a classroom. This information allows policymakers to target interventions to the specific needs of a region, locality or a segment of population. For example, in some locations, the priority may be to help children start school at the appropriate age while others will focus on reducing the rates of early school leaving.

The number of out-of-school children who enrol, leave, or remain excluded. Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics.